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You can get more help using iCloud Photos on your Mac or PC. Use Time Machine to back up all of your files, including your photos and videos, Import your images directly to a folder on your Mac with Image Capture.
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This is just another solid reason for why you should transfer your photos onto an external hard drive. There you have it — every photo that gets sent to the iCloud will download itself onto your Mac as well.

Where is the iPhone backup stored in iCloud?

And now that your photos are saved on your Mac, you can use Time Machine to transfer them to an external hard drive. The benefit of using Time Machine is that you can automate your backups, which could include apps, music, photos, emails, documents, and system files.

How To Backup iOS Devices to an External Drive (& Save Tons of Space on Your Mac)

To create backups with Time Machine, all you need is an external storage device. Depending on how many photos you have, the transfer process could take some time. So give yourself a pat on the back while you wait. Although, you should consider some potential hazards just before you tick this task off the to-do list.

Time Machine could sometimes be fairly superficial and you might encounter some issues if you ever need to recover and restore you Mac. To move photos library to external hard drive, you just require a little drag-and-drop magic. Plug in your external hard drive and follow the setup instructions if you have not done so already. Launch the iPhoto app from the Dock and move it just so you can see both the Finder window and the app window.

For those who have more than one iPhoto library, it's important to create backups for all of them.

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As mentioned above, look in your Pictures folder, all drives, Desktop, and Downloads folder for any rogue images that you want to have backed up. Picture this predicament.

Now your files and folders are potentially compromised in the hands of someone else. This is why you should consider using trustworthy options to store additional backups.

Choose where you want to keep your photos and videos

A robust backup app like Get Backup Pro offers secure diversified storage. As well as backup, archive, disk cloning, and folder sync software for Mac, you can use Get Backup Pro to quickly create bootable backups so you can get back up in minutes. The aptly named Get Backup Pro takes securing archives to the next level.

How to Find iPhone Backup Location and Delete Backups

To complement Get Backup Pro, Disk Drill is recovery software that lets you resurrect deleted or lost files and folders, yes, including your photo library. As well as it being another place to store backups of your Mac, Disk Drill has a handy duplicate remover so that you aren't clogging up precious memory space in your drives.

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    Extract Data from iPhone Backups

    Try free. How to backup photos on Mac to iCloud: Go through the list of locations above for photos that aren't already in your iPhoto library Drag and drop the content into the iPhoto app Now do the reverse. Create HTML files for all messages. Messages always contain photos and video clips to share remembered great moments, iBackup Viewer extracts the attachments for displaying and saving to files.

    You may have many notes that being meant on your iPhone, and you may want to extract the notes and save them on you computer.

    With iBackup Viewer, it is easy to extract all the notes from iOS backups and save to text files. Don't worry about loosing photos on your iPhone if you have made backups using iTunes.

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    There are many website urls which visited on iPhone, some of them may be very important. And you need to save the URLs to Safari, so that you can visit the sites on computer without losing them. You can save a single file or all of them very easily. And iBackup Viewer will try to name the file with internal information by default, You can choose your own while saving single file.

    Of cause, you may need to change the format of files with fake extensions. Version: 4.